Our Story

Our goal is to provide our guests with a unique experience in a tranquil, artistic, and culinary environment.

Luxury B&B Boutique

An and Hans worked together for years at the Hospital “Oost-Limburg”. An was an operating room nurse, and Hans specialized in upper abdominal surgery.

Since 2018, they joined forces to establish a thriving bariatric practice. The harmonious collaboration in the practice has resulted in exponential growth.

During this practice, An was asked to take on the organizational task of setting up an operating room in a renowned eye clinic, while Hans was approached to utilize his expertise in robotic bariatric surgery (weight loss surgeries) to train dozens of surgeons across Europe.

Although we derived great satisfaction from these activities and the intensive collaboration was successful, we felt that we were ready for a completely new challenge. We decided to completely change course and start the Luxury B&B Boutique Cortijo Piltraque in 2023, which we got to know after staying there multiple times as guests ourselves.

The peaceful location, beautiful property, and concept left a deep impression on us. Hans has had experience in the hospitality industry from a young age and is a qualified chef, while An has proven her organizational talents, interior design skills, and ability to connect with people.

There couldn’t be a better team. That’s why we took the leap together when the property was put up for sale, leaving Belgium behind to pursue our dream in the sunny south with our four-legged companions. Because caring is in our genes, we want to provide our guests not only with a top-notch location, beautifully decorated rooms, fine dining, and a personalized experience, but also with practical information and amenities to make their stay as enjoyable as possible.

These are our most important team members, meet Radja, Vizsla, and Tina.

Allow us to introduce our invaluable four-legged team members, Tina, the small Chihuahua, and Radja, the energetic and graceful Vizsla. These dynamic duos play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of our valued guests.

Tina, with her adorable appearance and lively personality, is always the center of attention. Despite her small size, she has a big personality. Tina is our cheerful hostess who warmly greets all guests upon arrival. Her enthusiastic barks and wagging tail instantly make guests feel at home. Tina especially loves children and enjoys playing and cuddling with them. Her playful nature and friendly demeanor make her a favorite among our youngest guests.

On the other hand, Radja the Vizsla is a vigilant and alert companion. With his athletic build and keen senses, he serves as a natural alarm system for our property. Vizsla is always on guard and doesn’t miss any detail. Guests can rest assured knowing they are safe under his watchful eye. But don’t let his tough appearance fool you, as Vizsla is just as child-friendly as Tina. He is patient and playful with children and will always be their best friend during their stay.

Tina and Vizsla are not just furry employees but beloved family members. They are part of our team and bring joy and liveliness to our B&B. Guests can rely on their friendly companionship and enjoy their presence during their stay. Whether you need a cuddle after a long day or simply want to delight in their playful antics, Tina and Vizsla are always ready to welcome you.

So come and meet Tina, the small Chihuahua, and Vizsla, the graceful companion at our B&B in Malaga. They eagerly await to greet you, ensuring your safety, and provide you with an unforgettable stay.